Get Started Mix - If you're a fitness center or group exercise director/coordinator you can download a 100% FREE MIX. It's a great way for instructors to practice with or test-drive our style and music. It also gives you a chance to practice how our downloads work and for you to learn how to use them. Try our download and listen to see if our popular mixes for the past 20 years are right for your facility!

Download File - It's a 30 min mix that you can practice downloading. You get: iTunes - includes "separate track" iTunes format - and - Android - includes "Single Long Play MP3" format. PLEASE NOTE. All our paid downloads only include iTunes format. APPLE: You'll need iTunes and a PC or Laptop to uzip, drag drop into iTunes and then sync to your device. ANDROID: You just connect your phone and drag drop the file into your music folder on your device.

Exclusive Promo Codes - Once you decide if our music is right for your club or team, request a Limited Promo Code. Your team can use this to shop & save big. If we see it being used a lot, it gets extended. Longtime fitness groups have saved up to 50% OFF every mix when you order all the time. Help us help you.

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