Various Sounds for Various Crowds

Listen to samples of all our mixes! Take time out to click around and find the right mix! We have tons of titles for most class tastes. Learning the sounds/style will help you match a mix for YOUR crowd. Pretty soon you'll know exactly what titles work best for your class.

Some of Our Mix Series

  • Billboard, Seasonal (Autumn, Summer, Etc): Have Smooth Club, Anthem, Disco House sounds & current songs for all crowds
  • Radio Remix: Have Smooth Club, Anthem, Disco House sounds and mix of current songs and classics remixed with a new sound great for all/many ages.
  • Kickbox, Mega Hits, Hits Remix, BootCamp: Have little harder remixed sound and sometimes less vocals and mix of current songs and classics remixed with a new sound and good for crowds that like an edgy club sound
  • Funky & Special titles like Pop Funk, Ribbian, Drums & Hype titles will have respective sounds like Funky beats, Hip Hop, World Sounds etc. For these just read the details to find out the sound styles.

Learn About the Remixed Sounds

All our music mixes are hot! And we mix a ton of varying sounds. But if you teach a 7am Step class you may need a certain sound. Then if you teach a 6pm Kickboxing, you may want something with edge! Learn & look for words like: Smooth, Anthem, House and Club for all uses. But also look for edgy sounds like: Harder, Future House and Bounce when you want a edgy sound. Soon you'll know exactly what work best for your class.

Stop & Ask!

Normally we mix new songs & classics. This makes the mix usable for a while and for many crowds. If you teach certain ages, demograhics, college kids, YMCA or looking for a certain sound (or do NOT want a certain sound) , beat or genre, please drop an email and we can hand pick some and email back with direct links.


Need help now? Just email us!




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