Decades MegaMix

BPM: 130|140|150 (60:00)
Format: 32COUNT

70s - 80s - 90s Classics! Disco, Dance and Rock! All Remixed with a New 2017 Sound. Smooth Anthem, House and Club Sounds.

Good Times 2017
Smoke On The Water
Sweet Dreams 2017
Rhythm Is A Dancer 2017
The Next Episode (Dub Mix)
Another One Bites The Dust
Edge Of Seventeen
Treat 'Em Right 2017
Strike It Up 2017
Black Betty
Electro Brick In The Wall 2017
Push It 2017 (Dub Mix)
Message In A Bottle
Boogie Wonderland 2017
You Give Love A Bad Name
Maniac 2017
Mr. Vain 2017


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