Kardio KickButt 12

BPM: 140|150|160 (60:00)
Format: 32COUNT

MegaMixed & New 2016 Sound! Classics, Anthems & a touch of Latino Club. Bounce, Harder & Anthem Sounds with Less Pop & More Boom!

No Money (Hard Mix)
I Love Rock & Roll 2016 (Dub)
The Moment
Rock This Party 2016
Bailar (Bounce Mix)
Jook Gal 2016
Conga 2016 (Hype)
Shake That For Me
Party Don't Stop
Make You Sweat 2016
Whoomp (Bounce)
Make It Wet
This Is What You Came For (Hard Mix)
Nashville (Hard Mix)
Hello vs Seven Nation 2016
Lean Back 2016 (Dub)
Explode 2016
Me Too (Bounce Dub)
Cake By The Ocean (Bounce Dub)


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