Speed! Remixed

(145-170 BPM 59:00)

We pushed the BPM with Cardio injected Radio, Dance Hall & ClubStyle Hits. Hard and Smoother Remixed Sounds. A multi-genre mix up with a progressive BPM. Use for advanced classes or change up your moves to fit the speed. Sweat guaranteed!


Gypsy Woman 2015 (145)
Chicks Be Like (147)
Hideaway (Disco Mix) (148)
Think About Phat Bass (150)
Push The Feeling 2015 (152)
Pony (Jump On It) (154)
Turn It Out (156)
Emergency (157)
Good Feeling (159)
Canberra (161)
The Bass (162)
I Want You To Know (164)
Bring The Beat (165)
Thinking Out Loud (167)
Cool (168)
Come With Me Now (169)
Classic Man (170)


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