Yoga Remix & HIIT

(120 BPM 60:00)
Format: 32COUNT

Yoga mixed with HIIT is popular! Try this exclusive, easy-to-use format music mix. You get (3) Yoga Songs (approx. 12 min) then a 20/10 Tabata (4 min). Then the patterns repeat including a total of 3 Tabatas.

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Main Songs 120 bpm | 4 min each
Radio & Classics. Softer Remixed Sounds.
All songs play nonstop.

Warm Up: Wolves (Instrumental)
Yoga 1: The Sign 2017
Yoga 2: Ain't No Sunshine
Yoga 3: In Common
Tabata 1: Attention
Yoga 4: Careless Whisper 2017
Yoga 5: What Lovers Do
Yoga 6: Bad At Love
Tabata 2: Drums
Yoga 7: Blame It On Boogie 2017
Yoga 8: What About Us
Yoga 9: Summer Nights
Tabata 3: Your Song
Yoga Finale: Dreams 2017
Cool Down: Raging Winds


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