TABATA - Hard Traxx

20 WORK | 10 REST

22 easy to use Instrumental Bangers! Basic 3-2-1 Vocal Cues. Music plays NonStop with lower volume for each rest. Repeats for 8 Rounds. See our other Tabatas for Full Class Formats. Club, Future House, Electro & Bounce sounds.

Creative 32-Count

intro for each song

Tabatas | 4 min each | 140 bpm
Instrumental: Hard & EDM Sounds

Booty March
Bounce With Me
Chicago Jacks
Crazy Dutch House
Deeper Love
Drenaline Junkie
EDM Anthem
Feel The Bass
Future House
Get Hit Hard
Girls That Bounce
House Girlz
House Me
Ibiza To Miami
Let's Bounce
Let's Rave
Saxo Man
That Sounds
Yeah Baby
You Feel


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