Tabata Trax 5

:20 WORK | :10 REST

15 easy to use Tabata Songs! Basic 3-2-1 Vocal Cues. Music plays NonStop with lower volume for each rest. Repeats for 8 Rounds.

Creative 32-Count
intro for each Tabata

Tabatas | 4 min each | 140 bpm
Radio & Classics Remixed

24K Magic (Dub)
Black Beatles
Cold Water
Funky Cold Medina (Bounce)
Heathens (Bounce)
Into You (Hard)
Move Your Body
My House
Pokerface 2016
Promiscuous Girl (Hard)
Real Slim Shady 2016
Side To Side
Smoke On The Water (Hard)
Watch Me Whip
What Is Love


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