FREE BPM changes are an  easy way to get your music at the exact bpm you need.  126, 135, 144, 170.  Even progressive BPMs like 135-145 rising BPM.  We offer it Free with details below.  On Sale Mixes or HIIIT/Tabata excluded.

What is Custom BPM?

  • We’ll change the BPM of any mix that is $18 or more
  • BPMs can be STEADY (All XXX bpm) or PROGRESSIVE (XXX-YYY bpm)
  • We can speed up or down. Never a “chipmunk” effect


  • This FREE service is limited but customers been using for years
  • Link will be emailed as a Single File Long Play MP3 (Not sure? Ask)
  • Separate Tracks option (iTunes) is not available at this time

CD Version

  • You get a shipped CD with your BPM of choice
  • Same great Audio & Sound quality

How To Request When Ordering

  • Type desired BPM bpm in the *message area* of Checkout  (Example)
  • We’ll manually process it within 24-48hrs then send link or ship
  • Customers been using this option for years!